Epi Treatments: Medical Treatment Icon Reveals a Bigger Picture

The Epi Treatment Medication Icon in the Settings area has some big changes.

The new icon has been updated to better reflect the many different types of Epi treatment medications and their effects.

The Epi Therapy Medication icon has also been updated, and has a lot more information.

The icon also now shows how much Epi medicine a person needs to take to treat a specific condition.

The Medical Treatment icon has a bit of a change too.

It now shows a number of different ways that a patient can be treated.

The Medication and Treatment icons now show a list of treatment options.

Here are a few more changes:• Added a button to the Settings menu to reset a medication to its default settings.• Added some information to the “My Epi” section of the medication icon to better explain the different types and effects of the Epi therapy medications.• The icon now shows when you are on a tablet or smartphone with an Epi device.• It is now easier to add a new treatment option to a medication.• You can now set a time limit for the first dose of a medication, if that medication is only taking a few minutes to start.• If you use a tablet to treat your Epi medications, the Epidemic Icon will now show when you use the device to treat it.• When you open the Settings app, you will now see the Epicamp icon.