Marijuana and the Zika virus: A medical spa treatment

A medical cannabis product that helps treat the symptoms of malarial infection could be used to treat Zika virus-related illnesses in Brazil.

Medical spa treatments are commonly used in countries around the world to treat infections such as malaria and leukopenias. 

“We have no direct evidence that this product is effective in treating malaria or leukovirus,” the Brazilian company BioMedica said in a statement to the BBC.

“However, if you want to help alleviate the suffering of the millions of people affected by this pandemic, we think this product could be a real solution.” 

The Brazilian government is investing heavily in medical spa treatments. 

The country is in the middle of a national crisis.

The country is facing a severe shortage of medical supplies and is struggling to cope with an increase in cases of malaria, which is spread by the mosquitoes. 

On Monday, Brazil’s National Institute for BioMedicine, or INMB, said it would purchase 10 million capsules and 500,000 flasks of the drug, called “Bumada.” 

According to the Brazilian government, the cost of the flasks and capsules could be as much as $10,000 each. 

Brazil’s national health authority has set a target of reducing the number of new cases of the disease by 15% in the coming year. 

According for BioMedina’s announcement, the company is also planning to release its own formulation of the treatment. 

BioMedica, which was founded in 2011, is a subsidiary of AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical giant based in the United Kingdom. 

In an interview with the BBC, BioMedicas CEO, Marcelo Cifuentes, said that the company was trying to expand its business to other countries in Latin America. 

Cifuents plans are for Bio Medica to manufacture its flasks in Brazil and in the U.S.