NFL player, 49ers owner to ‘talk it out’ over medical treatment for hemochroma

San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Michael Bowie has been diagnosed with hemochrome syndrome, a rare condition in which the body doesn’t make enough red blood cells, and has been told by his doctor he needs to stop taking medications that can reduce his blood count.

The 49ers announced Tuesday that Bowie has tested positive for the disease, which causes a mild, red-brown hue to the skin, according to NFL Network.

Bowie has previously tested negative for a blood disorder called hemochronism.

He had previously tested positive in January for a hemochroacylase antibody, but doctors said the symptoms weren’t severe enough to consider him at risk for the condition.

In the latest diagnosis, Bowie has undergone three blood tests since he was diagnosed with the disease in March.

He also underwent a second blood test a few weeks ago, according the 49ers.

Bowie was released from the team’s medical facility Monday.

He was expected to make a full recovery.