Which medicine can I take to treat fibroadensosis?

In a move that has prompted a lot of debate, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday announced the National Fibroadenous Care Treatment Programme.

The National Fibrodeutic Treatment Programme will help people with fibroadentosis.

According to the plan, patients will get treatment based on their symptoms, their family history and their prognosis.

It will also help them develop a positive prognosis after treatment.

The Government will also pay for the treatment.

The first phase of the programme, under which treatment will be available in five states, will be launched in Delhi by the end of the month.

The plan is expected to cover up to 60 lakh people.

“It’s not just a national programme, it’s a national plan for the country,” said Arvind Kumar, senior health adviser at the National Centre for Fibroadentic Disease and Fibro-Aging (NCFF), who is involved in the scheme.

The government is also aiming to cover as many as 3.5 crore people with the programme by March 2019.

Experts have pointed out that the National Treatment Plan has the potential to reduce the burden of fibroadence in India.

“The Government is trying to make fibroadental disease as easy as possible to treat.

The treatment plan is an effort to tackle the country’s growing problem,” said Dr. N. Sivakumar, a senior consultant at the Centre for Advanced Studies in Ahmedabad.

However, there are also some who feel the scheme will not help people in the worst-hit areas of the country.

“If people in those areas can’t get treatment, then the government should be focusing on the healthiest people, not on the people who are least affected,” said Anjali Gupta, executive director of the National Federation of Fibroids, who is also an advocate for people with diabetes.

In addition to its benefits, the National Programme is likely to help curb the spread of the disease in India and will also boost the countrys efforts to eradicate the disease.

The National Fibroadsise program is likely also to help the Government in combating the country s worst-known diseases, like HIV and malaria.

Experts in the field have also been impressed by the National Plan, saying it will bring an unprecedented level of coordination and commitment from the Government.

“This is a landmark programme.

The Government has clearly taken the initiative and made it happen,” said N.S. Kothari, director, Centre for Disease Control, India.