What to expect when you get your Gout treatment

The Mayo Clinic is set to release a new prescription drug regimen for people with the rare autoimmune disease of chronic gout.

According to the company, the new regimen, called Nivolumab, will provide more than 10,000 patients with the new medication for an additional six months, with a minimum of 10 days between doses.

“We’re seeing some dramatic improvement with Nivollumab.

There are some amazing results and we’re really excited to start this new chapter in this new treatment and look forward to seeing the results from the Phase II trials,” Dr. John A. Miller, president and CEO of the Mayo Clinic, said in a statement.

Dr. Miller said the drug will be available to people ages 18 and older and people with existing kidney and blood vessel disease.

Nivollomab is a combination of two medications that are commonly used to treat the disease: methotrexate and rituximab.

According, the Mayo clinic is the only medical center in the U.S. to offer both methotexate and rimuximabl.

According the Mayo research, people with chronic gouts usually have a weakened immune system and high levels of inflammation.

When these inflammatory cells multiply, they produce more proteins and the disease grows more aggressive.

The Mayo clinic, which is located in Rochester, Minn., also offers a similar drug called Lopinavir/ritonavir.

It is the first-ever treatment that targets the immune system, but is also able to slow the progression of the disease.

The drugs are currently approved in more than 100 countries, and are used for the treatment of gout in people with Type 2 diabetes.

The new regimen is also designed to be more effective than other treatments available on the market.

“Nivolomab does not contain the same active ingredients as methotefensin or rimvoxaban, but the combination is effective and well tolerated in many people with severe, chronic, refractory chronic gouting, said Dr. Miller.”

There are no side effects with this new medication and it is also very safe and doesn’t cause side effects or aggravate symptoms in people who already have chronic goints,” he added.

In addition, the regimen includes a few other changes.

It was designed to treat severe inflammation and inflammation caused by the underlying disease, while also targeting the immune cells that cause the disease, which were not present in the previous treatment.

The company said it is working on a new formulation of Nivlumab to better mimic the function of the immune response, which can be used for a shorter period of time.

It also said it will begin testing new anti-inflammatory agents in Phase II studies.