ESPN Cravath, Mead, Smith in a battle for third place

Cravatax and Mead are two of the hottest young stars in the CBA.

Both are coming off major seasons in which they were MVP candidates, and both have emerged as top-shelf players. 

Mead was one of the top defenders in the NBA this season, and he has made a big jump in his game from last season to this year, averaging 23.5 points and 6.7 rebounds per game.

Cravathe is one of those big-time bigs that you just don’t want to see play for long periods of time. 

Cravathe and Mead were playing against each other at a championship tournament in Japan. 

The CBA was the only league in the world to allow both players to play at least once in a game for the same team, and the two have played to a 7-3 record in Japan since the tournament began in 2015.

The battle between Mead and Cravhetax for third in the standings is one that could end up defining the upcoming season.

With their new contracts, both players can earn a big payday in the offseason.

Cravath is owed $16 million next season and Mead $10.8 million.

That’s an average of $15 million per season for both players.

They can earn $1.5 million more in their second year of the deal.

Cravathy and Mead’s contracts are worth $15.5 and $16.1 million, respectively, per Spotrac.

That makes the contracts the most expensive in the history of the NBA.

Mead is projected to earn $13.8 and $14.9 million in the upcoming NBA season, according to Spotrac, a salary that puts him fourth in the league behind LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Chris Paul.