Medicated massage treatment pills to be made available in Arizona

A new batch of pills that contain a potent form of medical treatment that is used to treat pudendal neuralgia will be made widely available in the coming months, the Arizona Health Department announced Wednesday.

The drug, called methotrexate, is an injectable version of a medicine called metronidazole that has been used in the treatment of the neurological condition for more than 50 years.

A company called Therapeutic Medicine Corp. announced earlier this month it would begin manufacturing methotrexate in Arizona and other states.

The medication is a pain reliever that helps relieve muscle spasms and has been widely used to control severe muscle spasticity and to treat other musculoskeletal conditions.

It has been shown to relieve pain and inflammation in the body and may reduce the risk of complications from infections, including some cancers, according to Therapeutics.

The state will also offer a prescription for the medication at no cost, the department said in a news release.

In Arizona, methotres is not approved for use in treating people with cancer.

The company that manufactures the medication said in August that it planned to phase out methotretate in its U.S. stores in 2021.

A company spokeswoman declined to comment on the announcement Wednesday.

The company plans to produce the medication in five to seven batches, the state said.

The first batch of 50 methotrebates will be available in pharmacies in October, followed by the next batch in January, and the final batch in 2019, the spokeswoman said.