How to deal with the Belching Treatment

The Italian FA is set to announce the results of a trial on the Belchings treatment medication during the forthcoming World Cup qualifiers against Germany and Portugal.

The trial will see the BelChing treatments being administered to the players at a medical clinic in Rome.

It is hoped that it will see a significant reduction in the players’ symptoms and give them a better chance of returning to action.

“This trial is a pilot project with the aim of reducing the risk of relapsing with Belching,” said Alessandro De Michele, head of the club’s medical team.

“We have already received positive results from the first two weeks of the trial, which are being followed up with further tests to confirm that it is working.”

The results are expected in the next few weeks, and we will announce our results in the coming weeks.

“If there is no improvement we will continue to give the treatment, and if it does not work, we will take the player back to the club.”

These are all preliminary findings and there will be further tests in the future.

“According to De Michele the results are so far positive and the Belches treatment has proven effective in treating players with Belch and other similar disorders.

The Belching treatment medication is being administered in Italy to players in a trial.

The first phase of the study, which will last two weeks, has been opened.

The FA is hoping to see a reduction in symptoms and improve the player’s chances of returning home for their national team.

The treatment is currently being tested in Brazil, but the results will only be known if the player is deemed fit.

The Italian FA says the trial is being conducted in conjunction with the country’s medical institute, the Instituto de Medicina della Mediterranea, which is responsible for administering Belch medications in Italy.”

There is no risk to the athlete,” said De Michele.”

But this will be done in an ethical manner, and the player must be informed about this information, and be in a condition to decide on the best course of action.

“It is hoped the results from this phase will be a success, as the drug will be available in the country later this year.