India’s medical infusion therapy program is now open

India’s government plans to roll out medical infusion treatments for people with chronic illnesses and people with cancer in the country by 2021, but only in selected districts.

The National AIDS Control Mission has been mandated to roll-out the treatment system by 2022.

But the government is yet to decide on the best location to launch the new scheme. 

“We have asked the Ministry of Health to review the best place to launch medical infusion therapies in the next two years,” Dr K.V. Sharma, Chief Medical Officer, Ministry of Drugs and Biotechnology told NDTV. 

India has one of the world’s largest HIV/AIDS pandemic pandemic and India is currently experiencing one of its worst ever droughts, with some areas suffering from record low temperatures. 

With India’s largest city, Mumbai, under water and the country facing major water shortages, the government has started to work on medical treatment of people with severe chronic illnesses.

India’s national HIV/Aids strategy has also seen the country move away from a “one size fits all” approach to care, but it has been criticised for not following up on the needs of those with HIV and AIDS.

In September last year, India’s health ministry announced a new approach to addressing HIV/ADHD in the rural and urban areas.

India’s Rural AIDS Control Unit (RACU) said the new strategy was to tackle the problem of “rebounding” of HIV and other infectious diseases through the provision of comprehensive HIV and Aids services to people in these areas.

India is also considering a new strategy to tackle tuberculosis and malaria.