How do you treat your newborn? This is the new standard for treating newborns

NEW YORK — How do you properly care for newborns, given that most of them are dying?

A newborn baby, or a baby born at home?

It depends on the situation, according to Dr. Jennifer Gebhard, a neonatologist at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and author of the new book, “Baby Meets the World.”

You have to be able to be compassionate and understanding and be able, she said.

It’s not about being compassionate.

It’s not even about being concerned.

It is about being understanding.

So, for example, if a baby is a little bit malnourished and you see them having a little trouble breathing and need a mouthguard or some other protective device, you’re going to be like, oh, that’s okay.

I’m not concerned about that.

But for a newborn, I don’t care.

Because I don’ t know if it’s going to survive.

It could die in the womb.

So I don”t want to put my baby through that.

It”s a risk.

If it”s going to live in the NICU, I”m not going to put a baby through a lot of that.

If it” s a newborn in the hospital, I want to do everything that is medically possible to save that newborn.

And then the thing that I think has been missing for so long, the thing people forget, is that babies don” t need to have a mother or a father.

What is the best way to help a newborn?

You know, it”ll be different for every newborn.

It will be different.

You know what I mean?

It”ll depend on the type of newborn.

So if they”re a little boy, they”ll need a bottle to help them breathe.

If they”ve got a little girl, a lot more of a mommy, a daddy figure.

So you”re going to have to figure out what the best environment is for that newborn, and then figure out how to give it that environment.

You don”ll have to look at all of the different factors that come into play.

It doesn”t have to come down to one factor.

My guess is, I will be the first one to say, well, I can do everything I can to help you.

But I will say that I will look for those babies who are very small, who have a lot to offer and who are in need of me to help.