‘No need to worry’ over medical treatment claim by Dr Pauline Marston

Posted November 08, 2018 06:59:14 “I have not been given any medical advice.

I just feel I’m a bit overweight and I need to lose weight.

I have no need to be worried about it.”

Dr Pauline M. Marston, a registered nurse from the Western Cape, says her medical conditions have never affected her ability to work.

She says she was unable to get into a medical course because of her medical issues, but she was able to get the certificate of medical qualification (CMD) and now works as a nurse at a private clinic.

She said she was not aware she could claim the medical treatment allowance (MTA) in the event of a workplace accident.

“My family and I are concerned that this is going to affect the quality of our lives.

If someone is seriously injured in a workplace incident they could lose all their entitlements to medical care,” Dr Marston said.”

I don’t know if they will be able to claim it in the future.”

Dr Marston was the first woman to get a CMD and has since received a second medical certificate.

She believes her situation could become an issue if the government increases the allowance.

“If it does it would increase the liability for people who get into serious medical incidents, which would increase medical costs for patients and increase the number of injuries,” she said.

Dr Marstone said she would like to see the government increase the MTA allowance from $200 to $300.

“It would be nice to see a higher amount for medical treatment.

We’ve never been able to earn enough to pay for medical care, but we are earning a little more than other people.”

Dr Elizabeth Dickson, a nurse from a remote rural community in the Eastern Cape, said she had not been asked about her health.

She has had a heart condition since 2009, but has not had any major complications.

“There’s always a worry that my condition is going, but the doctors say I’ve had a good year,” she told News24.

“This year, I’ve not had a major event, but there have been things I’ve taken that have been pretty bad.”

“There have been heart attacks and other things.”

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